Diesel Equipment Vital To Agricultural Sector

There is a reason why US agriculture is one of the most productive and economically valuable in the world producing more yield in less time. It is the result of advancements in technology that has equipment and machines that have been developed to handle the planting and harvesting of the crops. Today, diesel engines are the most used to power agricultural equipment required to plant, cultivate and harvest crops and transport them to market for processing and then to consumers.

If you farm crops or livestock, or both, FNF Petroleum has a history of relationships with farms of all sizes and shapes. Let us deliver your fuel, lubricants, and additives to keep your farm equipment functioning at its best.


Fuel oil today has many uses in the home or business. This includes home heating, fueling vehicles, operating furnaces, producing steam for industrial purposes and for generating electric energy. Emergency generators require fuel which may save you many problems during a power outage. In general, the benefits of fuel oil far outweigh those of natural gas as oil is not just safer and more efficient, it is also a more popular choice and economical to use.


One of your largest operating expenses will be fueling your business. We understand this and how important it is to have an affordable and reliable fuel supplier. We provide various commercial products to fuel all aspects of your business. With transparent pricing and flexible delivery options, we will work with you to develop programs to fit the demands of your business and the needs of your budget.