Onsite Fuel management

Onsite Solutions

FNF Petroleum understands that timely customer service, quality fuel, and fair pricing are important factors to consider when you are choosing a bulk diesel fuel provider.

Whether you are at an industrial construction site, a DOT roadway project, use emergency back-up generators or power plants, we can deliver a tank to your site so that you can access large volumes of fuel without having to leave your location. Receiving fuel in large bulk quantities provides you with economies of scale, reducing cost and increasing productivity. We have a trucking fleet that is highly diversified which allows us to make bulk deliveries between 250 and 7,500 gallons.

Whatever you require, we provide flexible pricing options including flat rate, fixed-rate, maximum price, and collared price plans.


The fuel you use in your vehicles and equipment is only as good as the tank it is stored in FNF Petroleum has fuel storage tanks ranging in size from 250 gallons to 1,000 gallons and provides expert installation. These tanks can be installed with pump systems or without.

Whether you lease or purchase a fuel storage tank from FNF Petroleum we will install a clean, well-maintained tank that will look good and protect your fuel. If you prefer to lease a tank from us, we will perform regular maintenance on the complete system to ensure the operation is reliable and worry-free.

At FNF Petroleum we supply a range of high-quality storage tank solutions that will meet your needs, keep your fuels secure and keep thieves out.

Our storage tanks are available in metal or plastic and meet all current fuel storage regulations. They also feature a variety of pumping/metering options in 240V, 110V or 12/24V voltages.

Each of our storage tanks can be delivered nationwide so regardless of where you are based in the US , we can get a fuel tank to you that fit your requirements.


wholesale fuel products
Fnf carefully manages your Diesel Exhaust Fluid needs. Guaranteed and safe dispensing of DEF direct to vehicles, equipment tanks, and totes.From 2.5 gallons up to IBC tote delivery.



Need to easily move your fueling location ? Fnf has a perfect solution :tank trailers with solar power pumping systems.



Fuel oil today has many uses in the home or business. This includes home heating, fueling vehicles, operating furnaces, producing steam for industrial purposes and for generating electric energy. Emergency generators require fuel which may save you many problems during a power outage , that’s why we treat our generator fuel with winterizing additive to keep your generator running without interruption ready for whenever you need it . In general, the benefits of fuel oil far outweigh those of natural gas as oil is not just safer and more efficient, it is also a more popular choice and economical to use.

Fnf provides reliable generator refueling for industries such as

  • Electrical & Mechanical Contracting
  • Special Events
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hospitals and Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals

…and many others



All we need to know is where and when to deliver and our trucks will pump fuel into your fleet, equipment or bulk tanks.

Fnf works with US largest rail companies to provide direct-to-locomotive (DTL) refuelling.Fnf follows strict standards for workplace and environmental safety, eliminating spills and leaks, as well as wasted fuel.

We value your time. We take pride in the ability to provide uninterrupted service to our customers.
Our well-trained team is always ready to provide uninterrupted service to its customers.

FNF Petroleum has a mobile service providing tanks, called trucking fleet, which allows us to bring fuel in large quantities – ranging from 250 to 7,500 gallons right to your sight.