About Us

FAST N FRIENDLY (FNF) and its subsidiaries are leading distributors of commercial and wholesale fuels and other petroleum services in the Mid-West. We offer products, programs and services to help your business grow. FNF strives for complete customer satisfaction throughout your entire purchasing and delivery experience. Let our knowledgeable and friendly associates assist you in meeting your petroleum needs. FNF is excited about serving you and looks forward to being your fuels partner.


Wholesale fuel distributor

We are an independent fuel,gas and diesel wholesaler located in Missouri. We provide branded fuel from major suppliers as well as unbranded fuel options.
We have strict quality control and safety training in place.
FNF uses the latest technology in the fuel industry to supply high-performance fuel additives.

In a very volatile market, it’s imprtant to partner with a trustworthy supplier. Fuel costs are shifting every month, and your business shouldn’t suffer from political and ecological factors. For that reason, we offer bulk fuel sales, where you can purchase up to 45,000 gallons and store it at our site with timely deliveries based on your needs. Knowing exactly what you’ll pay for fuel emoves all risks of increasing fuel costs from your funds.

Wholesale fuel distributor

Why you should partner with FNF fuel distributer and supplier 

Family-owned and operated business in the heart of the Midwest, we pride ourselves in developing solid and constant partnerships with our customers and trying to contribute to your business’s success! Every day we work hard to build connections between major brands and local convenience stores and allocate the best contracts for your business. 

We work 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year to ensure that your business that relies on fuel is supplied and taken care of. When partnering with FNF Petroleum, you can have peace of mind. Whatever your fuel needs are – you’ve got you covered.

FNF Petroleum provides construction, aviation, agricultural and other industries with high-quality solutions to their energy and fuel needs.We have a wide range of products and services to help different fields and niches.

Fast N Friendly works to keep your business running efficiently. We offer a full line of fuels comprising branded and unbranded fuels, racing fuels, biofuels, winterized fuels, and additives. Our services include deliveries by transport and tank wagon to commercial accounts, municipalities and convenience stores.

Fast N Friendly also provides retail development, loaned equipment and maintenance, credit card processing, and environmental safety services. Our 24/7 delivery service keeps your business running at full potential.Our goal is to create a sincere and long-lasting business relationships with our customer business partners through outstanding service, industry knowledge, and prompt, error-free deliveries.


Wholesale fuel distributor