Branded Fuel

We proudly distribute branded and unbranded fuel , so our customers have a choice .

Our branded fuel comes from familiar, industry-leading brand Valero Energy.

Branded fuel is ideal for those who want to go with the brand they know and trust and a better performance .

Unbranded fuel

Unbranded gasoline is the same product, but does not contain any additives just the minimum requirements

Both branded or unbranded fuel must meet government standards before leaving the refinery .

Our various grades of high quality gasoline and diesel fuel powered by secure supply and reliable delivery .

Gas Products

Regular/Regular Unleaded: Choose E10 (blended with 10% ethanol) or E85 (blended with 85% ethanol)

  • Alcohol-free Unleaded: 87 Octane Ethanol-free fuel
  • Alcohol-free Premium Unleaded: 91 Octane Ethanol-free fuel
  • Mid-Grade Unleaded
  • Premium Unleaded
  • For retail locations branded fuels are available. We offer Valero products.

Diesel Products

We offer a variety of diesel fuels for delivery :

  • Clear Diesel: An Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSD) that's used for on-road vehicles. Meets the government's 15ppm mandate.
  • Dyed Diesel: Another Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSD), this one is for off-road vehicles and also satisfies the 15ppm mandate.
  • BioDiesel: High-quality biodiesel that meets all federal and local regulations. This alternative fuel is made from renewable soy products.
  • Winter Fuels: Custom blended Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel to keep you running year-round
All diesel products are available in clear (on road) or dyed/red (off road)

Aviation Fuel

  • Aviation Gas
  • Jet Fuel