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Autofill Options

With Auto-Fill, FNF Petroleum can schedule automatic deliveries based on your average fuel consumption and weather conditions. This means you will receive propane or heating oil when your tank reaches a level of one-quarter full. To never worry about ordering propane or heating oil again, just sign up today for Auto-Fill from FNF Petroleum.

With Auto-Fill delivery, we monitor and refill your propane tank before you need it. We will take the responsibility to ensure you never run out of fuel. Auto-Fill is a delivery option that gives you peace of mind so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have enough fuel.

The benefits of autofill fuel delivery

Having the required amount of fuel available in the storage tanks is crucial for running a business today. FNF Petroleum provides its customers the Autofill options. For the customer’s peace of mind, FNF Petroleum will make sure that bulk storage capacity never runs out of fuel at any given moment. Our team will continue monitoring the storage limit and refill it when needed.

We can schedule automatic deliveries based on the consumption of fuel at the customer’s units following the fuel capacity as well as the weather conditions in the area. Customers will be provided propane or heating oil when the storage tank reached almost one quarter. And this will be scheduled automatically based on your average consumption rate of fuel.


Our priority at FNF Petroleum is customer satisfaction. Providing high-quality propane is not just our ambitious goal but we consider it’s our job and responsibility that we owe to our customers.

bulk-fuel delivery-missouri