Common Carrier Transportation

How can your business benefit from customized delivery plans?

With customized delivery plans that we create, we can ensure your fuel or oil is delivered to your place of business promptly and accompanied with quality customer support. Our knowledgeable drivers deliver various fuels, lubricants, oils, biodiesel blends and niche fuels in full truck loads. If you are located at a retail station, tank farm or would prefer a delivery to your truck fleet, we ensure that our common carrier service makes this easy for both you and your business.

If your requirements are for Renewable Diesel, Biodiesel blends or E85 Ethanol, we can easily split a load with your delivery. We also provide flat-rate agreements for your common carrier order – without fuel surcharges or loading demurrage with ongoing supply agreements. We are proud of our delivery services and can accommodate most special requests.

At Fast and Friendly Petroleum, we use fuel transportation trucks of varying sizes that are professionally equipped to navigate all kinds of challenging terrain, thus ensuring timely and punctual deliveries of fuel throughout the US.


An excellent fuel provider will also offer testing services for the fuel tank. Testing services involve the evaluation of a fuel tank’s integrity and determining the level of contamination. Contamination in fuel can result in massive loss of money and time for any business. This can be avoided through the installation of on-site fuel that promotes adequate monitoring. Implement constant maintenance for your fuel tank and perform a periodic evaluation for water, leaks, and contaminants in the tank. A suitable inspection procedure must be developed for your business to regularly check for fuel quality since there is approved guideline for inspection by the government.