• Analyze fuel consumption trends
  • Get data about your fuel purchases
  • Ongoing fuel budget management
  • monitoring costs per project / period
  • Detailed reporting of all your fuel purchases

Do you want to effectively lower your costs? Monitoring and managing every drop of fuel is the way to go .

Fnf offers the most detailed fuel monitoring program. This program allows us to monitor your fuel levels , whether it's a construction sight , private fleet , retail location or just single vehicle , automatically dispatch your delivery and capture better insights and information .

Why your business needs Tank Inventory Mangagement

1. Eliminates run outs
2. Reduces labor costs
3. Improves cash flow
4. Saves money with greater control over fuel variance
5. Reduces inventory carrying costs
6. Provides powerful reporting tools & usage reports
7. Helps identify unusual patterns
8. Increases operational efficiency
9. Offers a competitive advantage
10. Priority over on demand orders

Here’s how it works:

1. Tank level sensor monitors fuel levels 24/7/365.
2. Transmits tank readings via internet to Intellifuel Device.
3. Dispatch is alerted when tank reaches pre-determined limit.
4. You are notified when a delivery is scheduled for your location.
5. Truck is loaded and dispatched to your location.
6. Fuel is delivered. No waiting or sticking. Supply